How to Double Your Maternity Wardrobe for $30 or Less

How to Double Your Maternity Wardrobe for $30 or Less

How to Double Your Maternity Wardrobe for $30 or Less. "Rats, I have way too much time and money to spend on shopping for maternity clothes!" Said no woman ever.Style that bump on a budget? Sign me up!

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What mom-to-be wouldn’t want more wardrobe options? Let’s face it: shopping for maternity clothes can take a lot of time and energy – two things that an expecting mama has in very short supply.

The good news is that it’s easier than you think to get a lot of bang for your buck from your maternity clothes investment. Even $30 can at least double your outfit options! Read on to find out how…

Chic Maternity Style Takes Smart Investments

“Rats, I have way too much time and money to spend on shopping for maternity clothes!” Said no woman ever.  So it’s not surprising that pregnant ladies, whether it’s their first baby or their seventh,  are always looking for tips on how to get the best maternity clothes at the best prices. Unfortunately, I see lots of BAD advice out there on the internet about maternity clothes shopping!

Here are a few of the well-intentioned but unhelpful suggestions I’ve come across:

“Just buy regular clothes a size larger. You can still wear them after the baby comes.”

NO! This is terrible advice because the most important factor in how well a dress or top fits you is the shoulders. Droopy, oversize shoulders make everyone look frumpy. That’s just about the last thing you want when you’re pregnant, and it’s DEFINITELY the last thing you want when you’ve just had a baby!

Regular clothes in a bigger size will be bigger all over, including in the shoulders – but your shoulders don’t grow much when you’re pregnant! On top of that, shoulders are very difficult and expensive to have altered. You could end up spending double the price of that “bargain” dress (or more!) to have the shoulders fixed.

“Go to Ross (or Old Navy or Target etc.), you can get clothes there for less than $10.”

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not knocking Ross (or Old Navy or Target)! You can find some truly chic and satisfying bargains there. But what’s troublesome about this suggestion is the implication that you want to buy as many clothes as you can, as cheap as you can. That’s not the way to make a smart investment!

When it comes to maternity wear, quality is MUCH more important than quantity. You’ll be much better off spending your precious cash on 3 items that are comfortable, fit you well, and suit your style than on 10 bargain-basement also-rans!

Think you can’t get by on only 3 maternity outfits? Let me explain.

The Secret to a Bangin’ Maternity Wardrobe is a Delicious Breakfast Food

Whaaat? Stay with me here.

Imagine your maternity wardrobe is a donut. Most women would envision their clothes as the donut itself, and their accessories as the donut hole. But that’s totally backward!

To really rock a stylish maternity wardrobe, your accessories should be the main focus. Here’s why:

You really *can* wear your accessories after the baby comes.

To be honest, you will probably not want to wear your maternity clothes after the baby comes. They’ll likely be stretched out, worn out, and faded from constant wear and washing. Not to mention that you’ll be tired to death of them!

But guess what? Your accessories – jewelry, scarves, bags, even sunglasses – will still fit perfectly! And they don’t get worn out as quickly, so they’ll still be looking fresh.

You’ve got a head start on your accessory wardrobe.

When you first get pregnant, you probably don’t own many clothes that will fit you at 8 and 9 months. You have to build your clothing wardrobe from scratch. But you’ve already got accessories! Your collection may need a boost, but we don’t have to completely reinvent the wheel here.

The right accessories totally change the look of an outfit.

This is the most important concept. If you only remember one thing from this post, I hope this is it!

Some accessories add a layer of richness and nuance to an outfit. I’m thinking delicate necklaces, stud earrings, subtle bracelets. Those things are fabulous, but that’s not what we’re going for here!

To really maximize your wardrobe, you need statement pieces. I’m talking bold, eye-catching statements that will capture all the attention – thereby bringing attention away from the basic black dress you’ve worn 3 times already this week. I promise you that the right accessories can make your maternity clothes collection feel like at least double its size, because you’ll have such a broad array of looks to choose from.

How to choose? Here are my 3 rules for a maternity-appropriate statement accessory investment.

3 Rules for a Maternity-Appropriate Statement Accessory Investment

1. It should go around your neck.

You want your statement accessory close to your face. You want to see it every time you look in the mirror! We tend to look at people’s faces first, and if the first thing we see is a gorgeous style statement, that’s what we’ll remember.

In plain English, that means we’re talking about a necklace. Here are a few Sparkle and Shine-approved maternity statement necklace ideas:

Stella and Dot Essential Fringe necklace in silver, $59
Stella and Dot Essential Fringe necklace in silver, $59
Stella and Dot Hazel Statement Necklace, $69
Stella and Dot Hazel Statement Necklace, $69
Stella and Dot Collage Statement Necklace, $198
Stella and Dot Collage Statement Necklace, $198

Another great option – a scarf! Maybe necklaces aren’t your thing, or you just want to switch it up. Scarves work just as well to change up the look of a basic outfit, and they add a little softness too.

Stella and Dot Blue Ikat Poncho Scarf, $59
Stella and Dot Blue Ikat Poncho Scarf, $59

I know what you’re thinking – wait, my ears are also close to my face! What about statement earrings?

The answer is “yes, but…” Yes, statement earrings can transform an outfit. But they need to be SUPER bold. Earrings just don’t have quite the same impact as a necklace or scarf because they don’t visually interact with your clothes in the same way. Plus, earrings can get hidden in your hair.

So if you’ve already got showstopping statement earrings like these in your jewelry box? Go for it! If not, my recommendation is to invest in statement earrings only after you’ve built out your statement necklace collection.

Stella and Dot Gita Tassel Earrings, $39, and Iris Tassel Earrings, $59
Stella and Dot Gita Tassel Earrings, $39, and Iris Tassel Earrings, $59

2. It shouldn’t look like everything else in your closet.

The whole point here is variety! So if you’ve already got a treasure chest’s worth of gold necklaces, branch out into silver, or try out a mixed-metal look. Got lots of pearls? Go for a shot of color!

Here are some fabulous rut-busting ideas – I bet they don’t look like anything you’ve already got!

Stella and Dot Jolie Mixed-Metal Sparkle Link Necklace, $79
Stella and Dot Jolie Mixed-Metal Link Necklace, $79
Stella and Dot Samar Fringe Necklace, $98
Stella and Dot Samar Fringe Necklace, $98
Stella and Dot York Pendant Necklace, $98
Stella and Dot York Pendant Necklace, $98

3. Bonus Points for Versatility

This is the one mistake I made when I was shopping for my maternity wardrobe accessories! I probably spent more money than I had to because I didn’t realize there were statement necklaces that can be worn more than one way. I felt like I needed at least 5 different necklaces – one for every day of the work week – to have a reasonable amount of style variety.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered statement necklaces that had versatility built right in! Like the York necklace (in the photo just above), which can be worn three different ways. I was a little skeptical, though – can the same necklace really look different just by adding or removing things? This is what convinced me: check out this photo of 5 different ways to wear the Sutton necklace.

Stella and Dot Sutton Necklace in Silver, $128
Stella and Dot Sutton Necklace in Silver, $128

If I could go back and do it again, I’d definitely get more bang for my buck by focusing on finding this kind of versatile necklace. (Half credit for a necklace like this one that can also be worn as a bracelet.)

Back to the Budget

Ok, I’ve explained how statement accessories make all the difference in your maternity wardrobe. And I’ve given you 3 rules to help you pick the right pieces. But what about the cost? What if I really only do have $30 to spend?

No worries! You really can do it for $30 or less. Here’s how:

Secondhand Chic

With a little detective work, you can find some amazing deals on gently-used accessories. Try checking your local thrift store, yard sales, even eBay. Check carefully to make sure that no pieces are missing, and that the item is free of damage like cracks, tears, or chips. The best part about shopping “vintage” is that you can rock a truly unique style!


Friends, family, and coworkers often want to shower the mother-to-be with gifts to help her adjust to pregnancy and motherhood. If anyone asks for gift ideas, let them know that you’d love some help filling out your maternity wardrobe with gorgeous accessories! (Want to learn how you can throw a baby shower that comes with free accessories? Head over to my shop website and click “Contact Me”!)

Use Your Voice

Here’s the MOST EXCITING part: the Stella and Dot Home Office has authorized me to give away statement necklaces to a select number of moms and moms-to-be!!

You could score the York, the Sutton, even the Collage totally FREE, just for sharing Stella and Dot with your friends and family online. If you’re interested in snagging free bling, head on over to my shop website and click “Contact Me”! (It’s at the top left, next to my photo.)

I can’t wait to hear from you!

*This is my Stella and Dot blog! Clicking on links will take you to my Stella and Dot website. If you place an order, I may receive a small commission, which comes at no additional cost to you. I’m so grateful for your support!






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